Here's a little about us

The Greek Place was started by three great friends that love food and people. One of us is a chef, the other a successful business owner, and the third is someone with a passion for culture and what it represents; a sense of community and enjoyment. Come in and let us show you our love of food, people, song, dance, and everything you know and love about Greece in the hope you leave with a full belly and a smile on your face.

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Our home is your home

We at The Greek Place want people to always know that we are THE place for amazing, modern, and traditionally authentic Greek food. We strongly believe that whoever walks through our door is, and will always be a welcome guest.

As the Greeks say, -“Σαν στο σπίτι σας (sun sto spiti sus)”-, which, simply put, means our home is your home.


There is a Greek word; φιλότιμο (filotimo), which means ‘filo’, for friend, and ‘timo’, to honour. The philosopher, Thales of Miletus, once said “Filotimo to Greeks, is like breathing.”

We want you to provide those same values, so that you can have the same experience in loving our food, enjoying our songs, and joining in our dance.